Y.C.A.L.W.B.B.I.E.H Tank

The Y.C.A.L.W.B.B.I.E.H Tank

Army Project Length Catergory
Plant Food 45 Day for Factory, 15 Days per machine War Machine

The Y.C.A.L.W.B.B.I.E.H Tanks are a powerful war machine tank made by the Plant Food army Towards the end of the First wars. The abbreaviation stands for You've come a long way baby, but it ends here.

There were in total 10 made, many were used during the Battle Of Booster.


The Y.C.A.L.W.B.B.I.E.H Tank are one of the few Plant Food War machines which aren't modelled vainly after Petey. They are Green in colour. The Tanks have a huge spiked shunt at the Front to Crush Foes. They have Pyro-Cannons and Bullet Bill launcher round the main turret and a single Bomb-omb launcher on the back. The Main turret which can rotate 360 degrees is it's main attack is a powerful Nature Ray Blast.

The Tanks have Caterpillar tracks, but if you look closely, their are also wheels supsended underneath and ready to be released if the tracks are damaged.

Role In The Wars

These were used exstensively in the Booster Wars and were also sent in the operation to kidnap Roy Koopa. Out of 10, Boosters army destroyed 6 and the final 4 were destroyed by ???, along with the rest of the army.

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