X Days Til Hit Weapons

These weapons took about 16 days and attacked with a disaster, doing 500 troops of damage on average, started by Vidguysteve. There were:
The Meteor Gravitizer, The Earthquake Generator, The Tsunami Generator, and The Fusion Satalite.

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

Meteor Gravitizer

The first of the weapons made by the X-Nauts and Vidguysteve, this attracted a meteor to be flung at any target every 16 Days. The Meteor, however, was only capable of killing about 500 troops when flung at an army. In the early stages, it was accused of god-modding several times due to communication errors.

Earthquake Generator

This was made by Rydon7s army, in response to the Gravitizer being made. It is a powerful weapon that hits a base with an earthquake. He also made a project to shorten the tme it took to use it.

Tsunami Generator

It was made by Shadow_Wind_Sea, this attacks with the power of the seas, much like his army, the Sea Stormers.

New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

Fusion Sattelite

Created by Chaosblade, this was the only wepon like this in the New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars. It fired a lazer that hit for roughly 500 troops of damage every 10 days.

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