The X-Nauts

The X-Nauts are a secret cult who reside in a high tech moon base. Their Supreme Leader is Sir Grodus, with Lord Crump being second-in-command.


Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

In the original Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars, the X-Nauts were owned by vidguysteve. He developed many of their units and tech, which have passed on all the way to Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe. Units made include Riot-Nauts, X-Plasmas, and Macho-Nauts. Technology made includes the famed Battleship X-Naut, EMP Cannon, and the Super Telescope.

An early goal for Grodus was to gather the Crystal Stars for what was an undisclosed purpose. Grodus told no one, not even Lord Crump about this. One crystal star was captured by The Flower Brigade, and was later recovered in the Battle of Toad Town. The Gold Star was found by Goomboss before Grodus could find it. Goomboss agreed to trade it to Grodus, in return for the technology to make Mini-Xs and an X-Ray scope for his own telescope. Grodus accepted, and from then on the two were on good terms.

After Grodus had gotten ahold of all of the Crystal Stars, he told Crump of his plan and he journeyed to the Palace of Shadow. There he discovered the Shadow King, and merged his soul with that of the Shadow King, becoming Shadow King Grodus.

New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

In the short-lived New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars, the X-Nauts were owned again by vidguysteve.
Grodus again become Shadow Kign Grodus in a quest that involved Time Travel, the afterlife of New France and what is comonly thought of as an Epic Rock-off to the tune of Tenatious D's "Beelzeboss".

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe

In Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe the X-Nauts are owned by Rydon7.


  • X-Plasmas
  • O.D.S.X.
  • Elite X-Nauts
  • Macho-Nauts
  • X-Naut PhDs
  • X-Divers
  • Sky-Nauts
  • X-Naut Demomen1
  • X-Grenaders1
  • Spy-Nauts
  • X-Naut Defenders2
  • Riot-Nauts2
  • Chemical-Nauts
  • X-Canic
  • X-Rockets
  • Gadget-Nauts
  • Jugger-Nauts
  • Xniper

1. Same Unit under a different name.
2. Same Unit under a different name.

Important X-Nauts

Sir Grodus

The leader and founder of the X-Naut cult, Sir Grodus is very serious and does not tolerate stupidity, although he has to put up with it regularly.

Lord Crump

Second in command for the X-Nauts, Lord Crump can be described as silly, and has a rivalry with his brother.

Count Xader

Cousin to Grodus, Count Xader is serious, unlike Crump. Has not be seen since New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars.

Lady Kayke

Sister to Crump, Lady Kayke usually settles arguments between them. Has not been seen since New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars.

Professor White

Captain of the X-Naut PhDs, Prof. White is a smart individual, although his smarts are usually ignored by the higher ups.

Boss Bassa Boom

The first Macho X-Naut in the New Mushroom Kingdom Wars, Boss Bassa Boom was the result of Crump turning the power on the Macho Machine far too high, resulting in a large, over-powered behemoth with the tendency to yell "BASSA BOOM!" at the beginning and end of every sentence. He carried a cannon on his back.

Barron Xannon

Only appearing in Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe, he takes the role of Count Xannon. Brother and rival to Lord Crump.

Lady Xeya

Also only appearing in Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe, she takes the place of Lady Kayke. Sister to Xannon and Crump, settling their arguments, usually having the outcome make her look good.


Tec-XX, or Tec for short, is not an actual X-Naut. He is a machine created by Sir Grodus to become the 'Perfect Computer'. He runs the controls for the X-Naut Moon-base, and is in control of the Beam Turrets and Electric Panels in the Base.

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