The Site Admins

The site admins for Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars.

Petey P/Wizzrobe:The main admin, and creater of the wars. His armys were Sunlight Squadron, Plant Food, Hallow Haunters, Insecticide, Blizzaruin(?), and Storm-K-Troopaz

Vidguysteve: One of the most active admins, starting the wars in topic 2, he is the 3rd admin. He used the X-nauts twice, and now uses Beanbean Bandits. For the in-game villain, see "vidguysteve."

Doomship: The Second admin of the wars, he started in topic ? and used the Legion of Koopa Bros twice. He now uses an army based off of an army created, but not used by Chaosblade, the Sports Stars.

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