The Rogue Fuzzies
6oxeuqe.jpg An example of a generic fuzzy troop found in this army.

Summary of Army

The Rogue Fuzzies, like their name suggests, are composed mostly of Fuzzies of different varieties, although they do have a section of Piranha Plants to aid them in fight. Their general is General Brint and their captain is Captain Micus, both fuzzies as well. They are pirates who have looted everywhere they've gone, but have decided to throw down anchor for the last time on a small island located just of the coast of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe

Since the Rogue Fuzzies were not in the previous two wars, their first forray into the Mushroom Kingdom Wars is in the Deluxe edition, or the third installment. Even then, they were late arriving on the scene, and as of yet have not entered any fights or alliances. In fact, they haven't even contacted the mainland yet, but this will soon be solved.


There is only a couple varieties of troops in this army, and they are as follows, although more types may be recruited in the future:

  • Fuzzies:
    • Regular Fuzzies
    • Flower Fuzzies
    • Hyper Fuzzies
    • Jungle Fuzzies
    • Golden Fuzzies
    • Flame Fuzzies1
    • Aqua Fuzzies1
  • Piranha Plants
  • Frost Piranhas1
  • Dark Piranhas1
  • Poison Piranhas1

1 - Will be recruited in the future


The Rogue Fuzzie base is a smaller one compared to most, considering they did not have much room to construct it on their current location, the small island. It won't be the strongest fort, but it will withstand a decent amount of blows. It is mostly composed of wood and stone, and has an outer and inner wall. The inner wall contains the royalty and more important buildings, while the outer walls contain the villages and the barracks. The only buildings outside the walls of the base will be the ship constructors and the guards' homes.

Key Members

  • General Brint:
    • A fuzzy who, sick of being treated as just a pest, started a pirate crew, and started ransacking towns. Growing tired of just looting and looting, he looked to the Mushroom Kingdom to give him a challenge.
  • Captain Micus:
    • An obese fuzzy who was one of the first men of the pirate crew, somehow managing to climb the ranks to captain with inferior combat skills. Faces constant urge to eat anything, including a fuzzy or even himself. Wears an eyepatch cause he thinks "it looks cool".
  • Commander Fuzzipede2:
    • After being rescued from the belly of a whale by Brint3, made a blood oath to serve under the pirate crew, and now is one of the captains of the army. The mastermind behind the pirates' more complex plans.

2 - Will be recruited when the troop count increases
3 - I know Mario rescued him, but how about we just say Brint did?…

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