The Pixls

Pixls, new creatures introduced in Super Paper Mario, have been in the army as well.

In the Orignal Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars, there was a Pixl army known as Pixlated, with Tippi as it's General. The Owner, a user known as Todasmile, "Exploded" before the restart. They didn't do much.

In the New Mushroom Kingdom Wars, the Pixls were used by Digiexpert, as the Pixl Platoon, who's base was in the Woah Zone. Their General was Boomer, and their captains were, in order, Dashell, Breadward and Throau. Their Mesenger was Piccolo. Their troops consisted of Boomboxers, Beatboxers, Pigarithms, Moon Clefts, Eligons and two types of pixls.

In the Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe, they were used by Digiexpert again, almost identical. Except they were in the Flopside Pit of 100 trials, and they never made Boomboxers, Beatboxers, Pigarithms or Moon Clefts. They did make Jelliens, Eligons, Fotons and Warpids, as well as pixl troops. Their eventual hero will be the Pixl Queen.

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