The Mysterious

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??? or less commonly known as The Mystery Man, Mysterious ??? was a Character who featured in the first wars. ??? Was unqiue in the fact that it didn't have an army and was a lone ranger.


??? Resembles a tall muscular figure, and he towers over many of the native species of the Mushroom Kingdom, his stocky build and deep echoey voice lead many to believe he is Male. His features are non existence, even if you were to stand an inch away, he would be absolutely Pitch black apart from a red main/facial hair and glowing Red eyes. The rest is a mystery.


??? Seems to be eternally angry, although he has been known to have a mature and serious conversation. He is most famous for appearing out of thin air and threatening people. ??? Has a tendency to appear out of nowhere which just adds to the mystery of who he actually is and what he wants.

His Role In the Wars

??? Has made several appearances in the wars.

Isle Delfino

His first appearance was on Isle Delfino. He appeared in the Plant Food base and threatened Petey for unknown reasons, ordering him to leave this Island. Petey tried to attack him, which enraged him more. ??? Re-appeared while Petey was sleeping and Picked petey up telepathically. He threw Petey against walls and massacerd the Elite Pirahnasaurs who came to aid Petey. ??? Now even more angry, He told Petey, the Island would blow up in one Day. Petey began to Panic and told all his troops to leave via Blimps or swim off the island. During their journey away from the Isle on the way to Tall Tall Mountain, they looked back, and suffice to say. Isle Delfino blew to fragments.

Tall Tall Mountain

His second appearance was very brief. He appeared late at Night, when the whole army, went to assist King Totomesu at the Gritzy desert Captain Il Piantissamo was left alone. Il Piantissamo was awoken in dead of Night by a figure who didn't notice Il Piantissamo watching him. The figure walked up the mountain, stared at the Petey Pulverizer for three hours. Then he walked back down the mountain and into and under the sea. The fact the Pulverizer didn't acknowledge him, made Piantissamo believe the figure was spectral.

Tournament Of Lightning

On the way to the tournament of Lightning Petey got a distress call from his newly opened base at Lethal Lava Land. He ran back to and saw Lethal Lava Land sinking into Lava, however he noticed ??? standing atop the Volcano as it sank and ??? seemed unphased at the fact he was sinking in lava. Petey Recognized him, and began to shout at ???, to no avail.

Booster Tower

After the Battle of Booster, The allied Heroes stood atop of Booster Tower and surrounded Boosters dying Body. As they did this Goombario noticed Booster remaining 400,000 troops heading Towards the Tower, their was no way down. At this moment ??? appeared and said "Parties over, bye bye" and he sent all the Heroes through a Portalw hich dumped them back in the Mushroom Kingdom. This then made his motives and intentions even more puzzling.

Final Appearance

Petey and Co were found in amongst the Burning ruins of Tall Tall Mountain after attack, a Huge ship hovered over them and warped them all up. Here is the actual Transcript from the Wars.

"//Petey:- *Looking down over the battle from the airship*

Look at all of them….for what purpose?

???:- It's a harsh world Petey. That why I invited you guys on board.

Petey:- Look around, this was an easier option.

???:- You're right Whomp sunbathing in the pool, Piantissmo challenging the Tromps to a race. Totomesu coming his maine, fry Guy with burgers on his head cooking for the whole army. This is how it's meant to be…..

Petey:- What about you? What's you reason? Why are you always…like all shadowed out?

???:- Because I need you…

Petey:- Is that why you took us away just before the fight?

???:- That's why I blew up Isle Delfino, if you survived that, your strong and wise. That's why I kicked you out of Booster Tower, because he had over 900,000 snifits on their way up. That's why I killed Piantissamo first time, so You had chance to shine as a general.

Petey:- You're not making sense though…..Where do I fit into the story?

???:- Your a Marioverse Villian who I can ally with…

Petey:- Why must you ally with somebody?

???:- A certain Villain from your world has rivalled me in popularity and appearances for years….

Petey:- Right…but,

???:- I'd say your the second best bet….

Petey:- I'm confused…

???:- Your confirmed Petey, This upcoming event will be maybe my only chance for years to fight him and hopefully kill him, I need an ally like you to assist me you see.

Your perhaps the most second famous villain, say minus Tatanga but he sucks….

Tatanga:- Watch your mouth…

Petey:- 0_o

???:- Anyway…point is, your confirmed for Brawl aren't you?

Petey:- Yes

???:- That's why I couldn't let you die, and have protected you all these times.

Petey:- Right it's all coming together now…but why can't you fight him alone.

???:- All the kiddies prefer him, cause he's big and spikey and can breath fire…..

Petey:- Do you suck or something?

???:- NO!!

Petey:- You're a bit touchy aren't you….You must suck hehe!!


Petey:- You suck mystery man!


*??? Drives the huge blimps down to the ground a few miles away from the huge battle*

*All the troops who are discoing an dsipping thingytails fly to a big pile on the deck as the airship looses altitude*

Petey:- Jesus man, I kid.

???:- ?

Petey:- OK, I will help you in this upcoming event….

???:- Bah!! I couldn't do it anyway, it wa shard enough getting revived this time round.

Petey:- Who killed you?


Petey:- Well?

???:-….There's some nice PiranARKS, Tanks and Subs we have in the cargo bay Petey.

Petey:- Don't change the subject…

???:_ Say what do those canisters do?

Petey:- You digress….

???:- Is that the P-Eater-P flying next to us?


???:_ Some juvenile elf……In tights

*A passing Seedy pod giggles to himself*


*??? Slams a button, all Peteys army and tech are ejected form the bottom and land on top of a huge mountain*

Petey:- Hah, what a looser?

Il Piantissamo:- What happened, who is that guy?

Petey:- Ah, nobody important.

King Totomesu:- So, what now, where are we?

King Whomp:- Thwomp Mountain, Mushroom Kingdom…..

Fry Guy:- Are jeez……welll, what now?

Petey:- We sit here……and wait to die!

Petey:- I wonder if those guys from Shiver Regiosn ahve destroyed Tall Tall Mountain yet?

Whomp:- I doubt it…

King Totomesu:- Well aren't all the Petey Pulverizers on Fort Freeze?

Whomp:- I set my bearings of my watch, so there on me.

Il Piantissamo:- WHAT?

Petey:- Don't worry, the remote was left back at base.

Whomp:- Yeah, I have the peeping Petey remotes though so we can spy….

Petey:- Right all, let's gather round, and watch.

*First they look at camera one- Gritzy Desert and see Wario getting a private lap dance of Waluigi*

All:- *Laughter*

*Secondly they look at Hazy Maze cave and see one Janitor toad attempting to rebuild it*

All:- *Laughter*

*Thiurdly they look at camera free, Tall Tall Mountain Control room*

Mouser 443:- Ah nothing….

Anuboo 737:- Wait a second…

*A Large ginger haired muscular man walks into the control room*

Blargg 4:- Who the?

*The man picks up the remote and turns towards the peeping Petey, his face comes close to the camera*


*Both Petey Pulverizers are seen on camera suddenly facing in a direction*

Petey:- Oh….



Since then ??? has never appeared again, his location remains unknown to this day, and two wars later he has yet to make an official return.

Theories and Rumours

Many belive ??? to from another world, some think he's alien, ghost or just a regualr human. The most common theory is that he's Petey's dad, however lots of people say it's safe to assume it his an incarnation of Ganondorf from the Legend Of Zelda Series. Although how and why he came to the Mushroom Kingdom still remains unanswered. Why he was helping Petey, is primarily explained in the transcript above.


??? has become somewhat of an 'in-joke' or 'fad' in recent times, many other people also use the name '???' incorrectly in their logs for charcter who have not revealed their names yet. However the mystery of ??? lives on even today. Maybe someday he may return.

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