The Crystal Stars

The Crystal Stars are a group of artifacts that ravage the battlefield with their special powers. When brought together, they open The Thousand Year Door, revealing The Palace of Shadow along with the Shadow Queen and Shadow King.

The Crystal Stars

The Magical Map

Although not a Crystal Star, the Magical Map is used to locate them and other significant sources of Magical Energy, such as Pure Hearts. When used, the Magical Map heals about 500 to 1,000 troops.

Diamond Star

The Diamond Star causes tremors to shake the battlefield. It does alot of damage to walls and war-machines, but troops are only made dizzy. Was captured by The Flower Brigade in the original wars but later recoverd by Lord Crump in The Battle of Toad Town. It was found in Shwonk Fortress.

Emerald Star

The Emerald Star halts time in specific area. It usually affects 2,000 or so troops, or stops an Uber Warship in it's tracks. The Emerald Star was found near the front of Boggly Woods.

Gold Star

When used, all allies on the battlefield get boosted, and so deal more damage and take less. In the original war it was captured by Goomboss but later traded for the technology to make Mini-X's and an X-Ray scope. The Gold Star was found inbetween Petal Meadows and Boggly Woods.

Ruby Star

The Ruby Star performs an art attack, killing either many troops or little troops, depending on how spread out the troops are. The Ruby Star was found stuck in a tree near Twilight Town with the help of the Magical Map.

Sapphire Star

This star instantly heals thousands of troops on the battlefield to full health, or it can heal a Hero to full health. The Star was found floating in the sea with the help of the Magical Map.

Cobalt Star

The Cobalt Star can destroy 2 weak war machines, or severly damage a strong war machine or hero. It was found near Poshley Hieghts with the help of the Magical Map.

Crystal Star

This shreds troops apart, killing 3,000 to 5,000 deaths or a few war machines. It was found under Rougeport with the help of the Magical Map.

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