The Ancient Ones
Owner General Captains Base Theme
Yoshisoul King Tutankoopa Chompy, Balin, Moustafa Dry Dry Ruins Desert/Undead

The Ancient Ones were an army in the Original Wars. They had a mixed theme of bandits, chomps, and the undead. Plus, some other fitting units. They got decently far before the Final Battle, and should be remembered.


The Ancient Ones were a thriving army in the Original wars. They were not too well known, but they thrived. Originally, King Tutankoopa was the only commander. However, modifications to his pet, Chompy, had made the Chain Chomp a leader as well. Things were slow, and the army never was involved in war, really, so none of their projects were all too useful. It was rumored that they were going to be attacked by Clubbas, but it never happened. Eventually, Chompy and Balin, the head bandit, set out on a journey for Phantamanta. The epic quest was a success, and Phantamanta became a hero. Phantamanta also helped in the Hero Booster Battle. Soon after, though, the Final Battle was around the corner, spelling doom for the Ancient Ones. Though they were all thought to be dead, Chompy and Phantamanta survived, and went their seperate ways, only to reappear as allies in the Deluxe Wars. Odd, huh?


There were quite a few troop variations in this army.

Dry Bones(Medium Ranged Unit)
Super Dry Bones (Elite Ranged Unit)
Swoopers (Basic Aerial Unit)
Para-Buzzies (Defensive Aerial Unit)
Bandits (Balanced Unit)
Shock Bandits (Artillery Unit)
Big Bandits (Elite Melee Unit)
Scout Bandits(Sniper Unit)
Tech Bandits (Research and Development Unit)
Pokeys (Medium Melee Unit)
Poison Pokeys (Medium Melee Unit)
Mummipokies (Advanced Magic Unit)
Snifaros (Advanced Aerial/Ranged Unit)
Stone Chomps (Heavy Defense Unit)
Para-Blade Bros (Medium Aerial Unit)
Poison Para-Blade Bros (Medium Aerial Unit)

Dry Bones, Swoopers, and Buzzies were among the first units of the army. Bandits were recruited soon, and were then highly focused on to split them into specific groups as shown. Stone Chomps also came along, as well as Pokeys. The Blade Bros came from another army, who decided to send us troops in the early stages of war. Also, poison sacs and Super Shrooms were developed, making for a bunch of new troops.

Notable Tech/Items

The Ancient Ones had quite a few war machines, but they were given to them in an offering by Princess Peach's army. They included Sky Pops, Blimps, and attack planes. The Ancient Ones has also recieved the Turtley Leaf from Booster, making the weilder take half damage. Now, for the tech history. The first project was to set up simple watchtowers, for defensive puposes. We also developed flamethrowers and Thwomp Traps to help guard the base. Soon after, Bandits joined our army, and we developed Sniper Rifles for some of them. Then, we had Scout Bandits stand in the watchtowers, ready to snipe. After all this, Chompy was given a mechanical suit and a brain chip, and became captain. He was highly sophisticated, but still a bit odd at times. Next was the Boulder Blaster, which upgraded our puny Rock Cannons. Then, poison sacs were developed, especially for Pokeys. Then came a big oneā€¦ The Anti Pulse Stone. This did the opposite of the Pulse Stone, sinking our base into the ground for a limitted time. A research lab and hangar were developed next. After that, many troop upgrades were finished, though I won't go into that too in depth. Soon came the Advanced Tech Training Program, or ATTP. This allowed Bandits to build more efficiently. Recon Droids were given to Scout Bandits later on, to use to safely scout out hostile territory. More troop upgrades followed. Finally, came the Uberduper Transport, which would carru the entire army to Toad Town for the Final Battle. An Uber War Machine, the Cryptic Tombship, was in the making, but that was never finished.

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