Shadow King Grodus Quest

The quest to get Shadow King Grodus happened in New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars. It was viewed as the funniest thing from those wars, but it unfortunately was not saved. In the Original and Deluxe wars, there was no quest involved, Grodus simply went down to the Palace of Shadow and become Shadow King Grodus.

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

In Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars, Sir Grodus collected all 7 of the Crystal Stars and marched down to the Palace of Shadow, where he confronted the Shadow King. The Shadow King was absorbed my Grodus's special-made machine parts, and so he became Shadow King Grodus. A dark veil covered the world once the Shadow King was absorbed. Later, once Goomboss received his powers from the Dark Prognasticus, another dark veil covered the world. Grodus drew power from this, becoming even more powerful.

New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

After gathering the Crystal Stars, Grodus and Crump used Grodus' Plot Device to travel back in time, in hopes of obtaining the Onyx Star, the Eigth Crystal Star of unknown power.

The two were sent to the wrong time, and found themselves fighting the Time Goblin and needing to ensure the death of President Lincoad. After using H.G. Wells Time Machine to travel to the Prehistoric Era and kill the Time Goblin, Crump and Grodus car-jacked Marty and Doc who happened to be in the De Lorean at that time.

After crashing into a wall, Grodus and Crump met the town Mayor, who Crump threw into a wall, revealing him to be a Dooplighost (something that was already known to everyone else). Impressed by his toss, Grodus and Crump were invited to join the Four Heroes who were destined to defeat the Shadow Queen.

In an effort to waste time and reach the 10 Day Questing requirement, Crump faked insanity and commited suicide, finding himself trapped in the nightmarish New France, a town that combined all of the elements of France, floating in the clouds. After a musical number, Crump was able to escape New France, and lived life as a Hobo for about 20 minutes.

Sir Grodus and Lord Crump traveled with the Four Heroes, all the while being driven absolutely insane by their goody-goody attitude, and reached the Thousand Year Door. Crump breakdanced and performed all manners of bizzarre entertainment to recharge the Crystal Stars so they could recharge and open the Door.

Once inside, the six find the Shadow Sirens eating pizza. Beldam and Vivian look the same as they do 1,000 years later, but Marilyn is incredibly attractive and intelligent. After stealing Beldam's last slice of pizza, Beldam develops an eternal hatred towards Vivian. Beldam attempted to throw a brick at Vivian, but the projectile was intercepted by Marilyn's head, resulting in damaging her brain. Discovering that "food tastes good", Marilyn began to eat her long hair until it became the length it is now, and continued to gorge herself.

Crump and Grodus could no longer stand the Four Heroes upbeat personalities and cheery attitude, and betray them to the Shadow Queen, who still had her human body. In a bloody slaughter, the Shadow Queen was defeated, leaving the Four Heroes to abandon the amazed X-Nauts, claiming, "you would ruin our street-cred."

Grodus and Crump descend the stairs to the hidden room, where they find - and break - the Onyx Star. Feeling the Quest was a complete waste of time, Grodus and Crump turn to leave, while the Shadow King escapes from his destroyed prison.

Grodus and Crump return to the room, Grodus with a renewed scheme. "We'll take the pieces, tape them together, and say its power is it blows up the world! Then, we'll hold the world for ransom!" Seeing the released Shadow King, the Shadow King decides to repay them for freeing him with death and plots to conquer the world.

Grodus challenges the Shadow King to a rock-off (to a variation of "Beelzeboss Showdown" by Tenacious D), with Grodus on vocals and Crump on the Xylophone. Both sides play valiantly, however, the Shadow King still deems himself the victor, and prepares to kill both Sir Grodus and Lord Crump. However, Super Penney, the penney that Grodus refused to let Crump take along at the beginning of the Quest, flew in at the last second and reflected the lightning bolt at the King, defeating him. Abiding by the terms of the duel, the Shadow King was absorbed into Grodus, making him Shadow King Grodus.

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe

Currently, Sir Grodus is searching for the final 2 Crystal Stars. Once he has them, he plans to do something similar to what was done in the original wars. He will confront the Shadow Queen, and will become Shadow King Grodus again. However, his power won't have come to him fully yet, and he will go on a quest to receive his full power along with collecting 7 Star Pieces to form a Star Rod

The Quest will start in Rougeport, were Sir Grodus will find a partner named Goomney. He will then travel to Mushville, where Torque's Go-Kart Racing Facility has been moved. Goomney will enter the contest, and will arrive in Petal Meadows after the race.

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