Plant Food

Plant Food

Owner General Captain Hero War
Wizzrobe55/Petey P Petey Pirahna King Whomp, Fry Guy, Il Piantissamo, King Totomesu Petey Piranha 1st

Plant Food was an army that featured in the first Wars. Plant Food is indirectly the first army to join the wars, as it developed from Sunlight Squadron but was renamed when it's old leader Il Piantissamo was killed and Petey Piranha took over.


Plant Food was a nature themed army with 70% of the troops being Botanical.


Initially Petey's army was mostly his uber units the Pirahnasaurus. He also had Bulb Clefts, Seedy Pods and other assorted Plant themed troops while the remainder of his troops were Monty Moles, Chargin' Chucks and Puffs.

After the expansion of Lethal Lava Land, and the recruiting of Fry Guy. Petey enlisted the help of some troops which one would least associate with Plants with creatures such as Bullies and Blarggs being recruited. Also, when King Totomesu took over the desert division, Tromps, Anuboo and various other ancient themed troops also joined the ranks. Towards the end of the war their was over 20 diffrent units in Plant Food, which expanded the diversity and also slightly strayed from the original concept.

War Machines/Base Defences

Plant Food was also famed for creating the first Super War Machine, The Petey Pulverizer. After that the famous PirahnARKS were also built. Soon Petey started constructing weapons such as the Nature Ray, Sunburst, Tanks, Submarines and the Bye-Bye Planes. Although much of the war Tech was deadly, and some of it inspirational, it was here Petey became contraversial with some of his ideas. The details are outlined below.


Plant Food had alot of disastrous bases, many of whiched were annihilated by ???.

  • Delfino Plaza was wiped out by a tidal wave., thus killing Piantissamo.
  • Bianco Hills and the rest of Isle Delfino were blown to fragments by ???.
  • Tall Tall Mountain was blown up by ??? at the end of the wars.
  • Lethal Lava Land was sunk under lava by ???' powers.
  • Dire Dire Docks was abandoned.
  • Gritzy Desert was abandoned.

The bases were also infamous for being huge Fortress's often with lots of guards and technology surrounding them.

Role In The Wars

In the early days Plant Food lay quiet, only turning up to help Tubba Blubba in one war as Flower Brigades ally. This had reprecussions, soon after the X-Nauts laucnhed a Meteorite, which blew mount Corona, however Petey had been channeling lava to fuel the Pyro cannons, so Plant Food counted themselves lucky. After this, Tubba and Bowser were back at each others throats. The army Pirates Barrage surrounded the Island as to not allow Plant Food to assist Flower Brigade. However it was this night that ??? appeared and told of the Islands Destruction, Petey told Pirates Barrage to flee or be killed.

Petey and his army then flew to Tall Tall Mountain. It was here old enemies such as Grodus and Bowser were allied with. The only wars here was when Petey and Co were called upon to assist with Booster invasion, Petey along with several other armies were important charcters against Booster.

After Booster invasion, times were quiet. Petey planned to Kidnap Roy Koopa , to lead the 'Green Arrows' a group of 20,000 Soopa Koopas, Petey and his full army headed to Fort Freeze. However it was here that, Il Piantissamo who was alone on Tall Tall mountain had spotted a mysterious figure walking on the bay, which later turned out to be ???. Plant Food retreated, King Totomesu also via the Peeping Petey's had seen other armies coming to assist Roys army. This would Plant Foods last actaul Battle.


Plant Foods demise and transcript can be viewed under ???'s page.

In short, Plant Food were evacuating the Mushroom Kingdom in ???'s airship when in an angry exchange of words, ??? dumped them atop Thwomp Mountain. ??? Later fired the ' Petey Pulverizer ' at Peteys army killing them all. This also echoes a chilling comment made jokingly by King Whomp, on completion of the first PiranARK.

Jeez, Petey these machines will be the death of us


Plant Food are a well known and mostly respected army. Often popping up in conversations, even during the new Wars.

In the New Wars during the Koopa Bros hero quest, the Koopa's ran into Petey and the remnants of his army in Dino Dino Jungle where it appeared Peteys last PirahnARK had crashed leaving them stranded but happy their.

It is unknown what happened to the rest of the army and Fry Guy, Piantissamo and King Totomesu. It could be possible they all went seperate ways, but the most common theory is that they were kiled by the Petey Pulverizer's shot.


Plant Food during later months was being highlighted for god-Modding some of the later War Machines such as the P-Eater-P and Sunburst were frowned upon and got their owner Wizzrobe55 in lots of confrontations. Although the powers of Sunburst were dropped it was eventually trashed, and the P-Eater-P was never completed.

However, many agree during the later stages, many armies had slightly god modding weapons. It was Plant Food that simply brought them into the light.

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