Petey Pulverizer


Army Project Length Catergory
Plant Food 150 Day initial Base Defence

The Petey Pulverizer was an impressive Base Defence and War Machine. Used by the Plant Food army in the first wars.

The Petey Pulverizer is a large Stone head. Modelled after Petey Himself. It is notorious for sitting atop Tall Tall Mountain. It sihllouette can be seen for miles rotating slowly atop of the Mountain.

The Petey Pulverizer attack wise, has lot's of impressive Features:-

  • It has Pyro Cannons all around the base of it.
  • It can fire Bob-Ombs from the Mouth
  • It can fire Blobs of goop short distances
  • Bullet Bill Launchers are found in it's 'petals'

However it's main attack his in the form of a large beam, Lime Green in colour. This beam has potential to wipe out 50k troops. A typical shot however reaches 10,000 casualities. After each of these deadly shots are fired the Petey Pulverizer must re-charge it's energy for 12 Days. It's attacks outlined in the Bullet Points above however may still function.

Defence wise the Petey Pulverizer relies on it's fearsome image, as at the end of the Day it's not designed to take damage as well as give it. The Petey Pulverizer was made of Stone and tempered metals. Several blasts of a powerful weapon could damage it badly. Internal blasts were always a weakness, any powerful bomb thrown inside it's 'mouth' would result in a huge explosion. Probably actually destroying Tall Tall Mountain.

Petey Pulverizer's Role in the Wars

Despite it's potential the Petey Pulverizer had little to do in the wars. The only time it was used was in the Battle of Booster, in which it was used to desimate the frontline of Booster Chain Chomps and Bullies.

It also made a cameo appearance when Plant Food allied with Shadow King Grodus by aiming at him as soon as he teleported to Island.

The Legacy

The Petey Pulverizer was a famous weapon. Lot's of armies appreacited it's Power. Petey also gave Grodus the blueprints for it, Grodus later used these to make the X-Star, in exchange for Grodus's Battleship X-Naut blueprints which Petey later developed into the P-Eater-P Airship.

This also lead to other people making wepaons similar to this such as the The Super Stormer for the Sea Stormers army.

It has also made an appearance in the New Wars Super Mario Wars Deluxe, when The Koopa Bros travelled on their Hero quest and met petey in the same Temple looking for the stolen Blueprints for the Petey Pulverizer

The Destruction

The Petey Pulverizer was eventually destroyed by ???, when he aimed it at Tall Tall Mountain to spite Petey. Which obliterated the Whole Mountain, Including the Petey Pulverizer.

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