Payzme's origin is completely unknown to anybody. Only one person has ever looked into it, and all that was ever found of him was his head, which an astronaut found floating in deep space. He runs a massive chain of blackmarkets that has stations all around the world. He keeps these so well hidden that even he can't find a few of them. He also wields a ridiculous amount of guns, which he keeps in his bottomless backpack. He hates being called a flower, and will mercilessly kill anybody who acknowledges it.

Super Mushroom kingdom Wars

Early on, he helped layze out with his quest to get the S.S. Poison Ivy. He later joined, and I hoped to get him champion status, but he never did. In fact, he never really did anything, due to my disappearance.

New Super Mushroom kingdom Wars

I actually started with him this time. Once again, I was hoping to upgrade him to hero status. Once again, he never was. He also never finished Project Y(X was already taken), which would've been a gene splicer that created the almighty Koopiranha Chomps.

Super Mario Wars Deluxe

Payzme was in a short-lived bandit group created by layze, which was soon replaced by the Yoshi Destroyers. Payzme is now a captain in the Yoshi Destroyers.

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