Major Characters Of The Pixl Platoon

The two Wars the Pixl Platoon have been in have the exact same characters in them.

Boomer: The general of the platoon, he is shaped like a bomb, and can explode, doing damage to troops, but none to himself. Has gone on the Pixl Queen Hero Quest.

Dashell: The Second In Comand, he is shaped like a gold medal, and can make troops faster. He also talks with no spaces. Has gone on the Pixl Queen Hero Quest.

Piccolo: A music-note shaped pixl, the mesenger of the platoon. She can cure people of all status ailments but, for some odd reason, poison. She begins and ends her speech with "*Music Note*". Has gone on the Pixl Queen Hero Quest.

Breadward: A Loaf-of-bread shaped pixl, he can create as many fresh baked goods as he needs. He can also make stale ones to throw at enemies. Was, for a short time, on the Pixl Queen Hero Quest, but was sent back to guard the base. He is third in comand, and Dashell makes him do all the stuff Dashell himself does not want to do.

Thoreau: A hand-shaped Pixl, he is the newest recruit to the Platoon. He can throw almost anything a long distance away. Breadward makes Thoreau do most of the work that he's suposed to be doing while the main three are away on the quest.

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