Magical Might

One of several armies, they appeared in the first two wars. As such, they shall be seperated into their respective groups. Despite appearing in both, they do have some differences.

First War (Last Update recorded)

Army:- Magical Might
General:- Merloo
Captain:- Merlus, Merlon, Merlee, Merluvlee, Merlar, Merlia, Rosalyn
Messenger:- Twink
Hero: Nolrem
Bases: Flipside Tower, Vibe Island
Items of Note: Vibe Scepter, Pure Hearts, Light Prognosticus, and Gameboy Horror
Units (Done by Race): Shaman, Durahan
Defenses: Pure Heart Barrier, Vibe Scepter Barrier

This army joined fairly late, but managed to get into a war with some of the major members of the wars fairly fast. Magical Might's primary enemy in the first wars was Grodus, and they had a number of opposing aspects to them. Despite this, the final battle was never finished. Nolrem was a special favor to the Magical Might army, and he was acquired during the battle against Booster.

Second War

Army: Magical Might
General: Merloo
Captain: Nolrem, Merlee, Merlon, Merluvlee, Merlus, Merlio, Merluna, Merlana, Merlow, Merle, Merlina, Merlar, and Merlos
Messenger: Twink
Champions: The Eternal Light
Bases: Flipside Tower
Items of Note: The Pure Hearts (13 in total)
Units: Shamans of various elements
Defenses: Magical Cannons

During the second wars, Magical Might allied with Grodus, Bowser, and later Smithy, forming what many feared would be the most deadly alliance that war. The second war was shortlived, but the ideas were better planned, many of them not reaching fruition.


Alternate Dimension: One of the most argued about ideas of the creator of Magical Might. A seperate dimension from the normal world of the SMKW's, it would make the army nearly impossible to defeat. It was blocked by a door, one that could be opened by 3 different ways:

1. All 13 Pure Hearts are gathered, and presented to it. The 13 controllers of the Pure Hearts determine who enters, and they can only be challenged by one of the other 2 ways.

2. The Eternal Light group has control over the door as well. They are able to enter and leave without using one of the other 2 ways, although all 7 have to be there in order for it to work.

3. The 7 Crests of Virtue must be gathered. The crests were scattered throughout the land, in order to prevent misuse of the door and it's placement.

Inside the dimension, the land would be varied, changing depending on where you were, sometimes vastly. All 13 elements were represented by this, with the 7 other elements hidden.

Summons: 3 levels of summons, 13 in total. The overall length of the projects would take over a year to complete, and was one of the tightly kept secret plans. Level 1 summons would cause negative status effects to enemies hit by them, Level 2 summons provide positive status effects to the summoners allies, and Level 3 does both. They all do damage to the enemies.

These were just some of the varied plans.

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