Spelling his name with a capital L is utter blasphemy, but the Wiki capitalizes it automatically. What're you gonna do. Anyway, I created him a good 2 years ago or so for an RP on the PM:TTYD Gamefaqs board. For some reason, I think living plants are really cool, and one of the choices for a character you could be was a Crayzee Dayzee, and thus layze was born. Now, the real backstory. layze was born(or grown, or whatever) a pretty much normal Crazee Dayzee, except for his abnormally powerful singing abilities. He put EVERYONE that heard him sing to sleep, including fellow Dayzees and even himself. Since he put himself to sleep when he sang, he didn't grow properly and wilted slightly, leading to his red coloring. He has a rather odd ability to supercharge himself: he can consume enough sugar to kill an elephant pretty much unharmed. this makes him faster, stronger, and dumber. he wields a hammer.

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

layze never really did much in the original. He made a pitiful attack on the Shy Guys at the very beginning, but other than that, nothing.

New super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

In this one, he spent almost the entire war doing a quest for some extra-powerful tech. Not uber tech, just strong. We restarted when he was only half-done. ;~;

Super Mario Wars Deluxe

layze was in a short lived bandit group created by layze(user) and was soon replaced by the Yoshi Destroyers.

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