Kremling Krew
Owner General Captains Bases Theme
Bulbmin3 King K. Rool KAOS, Kudgel Crocodile Isle Kremlings

The Kremling Krew is an army that first appeared in the current edition of SMKW, Super Mario Wars Deluxe. The army is themed around Kremlings, the humanoid reptilian creatures from the Donkey Kong games that have also appeared in several of Mario's spinoff games, such as Super Mario Strikers.


The Kremling Krew has no real history, as they are a fairly recent army, having been in no Wars prior to SMWD.


King K. Rool

The General of the army, and also a Hero level character. He is a cunning, bloated tyrant with a slight hint of insanity.


A robot built by K. Rool. Despite the crudeness of the technology that spawned him, KAOS is a surprisingly advanced robot with a sophisticated AI. He serves as a captain.

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