Koopiranha Chomps


These suckers were originally going to be the ultimate unit. They would be created by the gene splicer that Payzme made, which took 205 days. then, I made only one every 30 days, maxing out at 50. Almost 20 feet tall, their power would be far beyond that of a normal uber unit, though of course not at the hero level. Their abilities will be described by the body part:


  • The main head is almost impenetrable.
  • The teeth can bite through virtually anything.
  • It breathes fire. Obviously.
  • The spike on the back can thrust outward, impaling anything that planned to attack from behind. The spike can also be used to quickly get back upright when he bends over backwards.
  • That hat is really freaking stylish.


  • In between the massive spikes are hundreds of small ones, so so that it's almost impossible to physically touch it and not get poked.
  • The arms are very fast and very strong.
  • Herein lies its weak point; a good blow to the stomach could bring it down. Although, when it dies, you might want to run; the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and this sucker falls HARD.


  • This part can be pulled into the ground, lowering him slightly and possible causing any attacks aimed at his chest to now be aimed at his teeth.
  • It's very flexible, allowing him to bend all the way to the ground. he can slam backwards, impaling things behind him on his spikes, or it can bend forward, protecting its weak spot from attacks. although, if you attacked from the ground…

Yeah, woo-woo, ultimate unit and whatnot. Oddly enough, I've never actually been able to make these, as the wars restart too soon. But I swear to god, I'm gonna get these things into one of my armies if it kills me.

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