Final Battle

Written by Vidguysteve, this was created as a way to end the Original Wars with one Final Battle with all armies willing to participate involved.

After the initial battles were completed, and the armies were left with only Generals, Captains, and Heroes, the Administrators and Moderators appeared to explain the character's reason for existing and took them to a special arena that was constructed from the top of Booster's Tower.

After a long and grueling battle, Giga Bowser and Tubba Blubbachine were the only two fighters remaining. Vidguysteve interrupted their battle, applauding their efforts, but decided it had gone on for long enough and decided to reset the world then and there by creating a massive Reset Void, which began to absorb everything and everyone in the arena, except for the fighters.

Resisting, the two rivals work together to combat the evil Administrator, using the strength of Tubba's family and friends, and Bowser's new Omega Bowser form. Finally, the two were able to defeat Vidguysteve, and flung him into the Reset Void, leaving him to be undone by his own secret weapon.

The Void expanded even larger and sucked in Tubba and Bowser, were pulled into the vortex where they continued to battle as their powers and bodies returned to their original forms. They both swear an oath to fight again to prove who the better warrior truly is, before being flung back to their respective castles. The wars end with a scene of Bowser, rejuvinated and unaware of all past events, making plans for world conquest with Bowser Jr, proposing an idea describing Giga Bowser, as Bowser Jr decides it is a stupid idea.

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