A member who joined Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars sometime in New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars. He is often called Digi, and actualy prefers people call him that.

New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars
Digi took over the pixls, running the Pixl Platoon, focusing on a space theme. The New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars ended too quickly for this army to get off the ground.

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe
Digi once more took over the Pixls, focusing more on a theme of things that look like Pixls. He had attempted a Sprite-comic style quest, but got bored and left the site for a while, and upon returning, waited for the next wars, focusing more on The Wars than Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars.

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars 64 DS
Digi has claim over the main characters of the Mario Party series, such as the melenium star and M.C. Ballyhoo, but has not, as of yet, done anything with them.

The Wars
Digi's longest running armies, he has switched three times. At first, he was an original character named Kokure'gne, a destroyer of worlds whose name is derived from the french and japanese words for realm. He quickly grew bored, and switched instead to a Sin and Punishment: Sucessor to Earth army, which he kept up until it was near its strongest, and realised he had no more progects to do, so he switched to Makai Senki Disgaea, a Disgaea: Hour of Darkness themed bandit group, which it has remained to this day. He has done a sprite-comic based quest for the Pringer X, which takes place at the netherworld flea market and paramounts with a battle against a to-be-named antagonist.

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