Da Yoshis

Army:- Da Yoshis
General:- bobo
Captain:-blarg from tetris attack
Messenger:- lakitu from tetris attack
Bases:- yoshis island
Coins:- 1,800
song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_fn6AP230E

6800 green yoshis(regular fighting units)
2100 orange yoshis(egg throwers)
2100 pink yoshis(fliers)
1100 white yoshis(scouts)
2100 blue yoshis (aqua yoshis)
1100 black yoshis (nocturnal spies)

Total:- 15,000

Base Defences:-
Sea(just a sea around the island (it may also have a special lunge fish in that sea but who really knows))


locate 1 out of the 5 castles on island(30 days)
create red yoshis (10 days)
Find a rainbow yoshi(30 days)
Aquire a chemestry set (10 days)

Completed projects
cleanse sea water to be able to drink it
study anciet myth of rainbow yoshis

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