Count Xader

Grodus' cousin and Third-in-command of the X-Naut army, Count Xader was an original character based on a character of the same name on

Count Xader was the leader of a special division of the X-Nauts, and is responsible for recovering the Crystal Star for Grodus, as well as discovering the location of the Diamond and Emerald Stars. He was in control of an underground base, which collapsed and left him and Lady Kayke trapped after the earthquakes following the Shadow Queen's revivial.

He is Lord Crump's nemesis, and cannot stand being around him. Arrogant and argumentative, he often question's his cousin's choice in making Crump second-in-command over him, and never hesitates to start a fight with Crump, which will usually need to be broken up by Kayke. Xader's and Crump's rivalry has been shown to escalade to dangerous levels, which involved Xader putting a bear-trap in Crump's bed. However, when the time comes, Xader is able to work incredibly well with Crump.

Count Xader pilots the Magnus von Trample, a green tank capable of dropping Bob-ombs, firing Bullet Bills, and crushing troops under-foot.

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