Blooper Bombers
Owner General Captain(s) Base(s) Theme
Pikmin Monky Gooper Blooper Phantamanta, Electro Blooper Ricco Harbor Bloopers, Mantas

The Blooper Bombers are a new army, appearing only in the current wars, Super Mario Wars Deluxe. They are based around Bloopers, the squid-like creatures that have appeared in many Mario games. In addition, but to a lesser extent, they are based off of Mantas, manta ray-like creatures appearing in very few games, including Super Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy. The Blooper Bombers are almost entirely sea-based, with all of their units being amphibious.


The Blooper Bombers have no real history, as they are a new army that have appeared in no prior wars. However, Gooper Blooper and Phantamanta have made appearences in previous wars.



The Blooper Bombers are currently allied with Chomp Country, a Chain Chomp-based army owned by Yoshisoul.


The Blooper Bombers are not involved in any battles.


Gooper Blooper

The General, well Admiral, really, of the Blooper Bombers. He first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine, and later appeared in Super Princess Peach. He returns again, in SMKW, twice. He played a minor role in The New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars, and now, in Super Mario Wars Deluxe, he is the head of an army. Like all Bloopers, he can swim increadibly fast. He sports 8 long tentacles that he uses to slap around enemy troops, and he can spit a thick, black, and mildly toxic goop at anything that apposes him.


The first Captain of the Blooper Bombers, although he isn't actually a Blooper, or anything close. He made an appearence in the origional wars as the Hero of The Ancient Ones, and army owned by Yoshisoul. He made no appearence in The New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars, and then appeared in Super Mario Wars Deluxe in his current position. How he returned from being dead is unknown, although his phantomness might suggest something. He appears as a giant white shadow of a Manta on the ground. He leaves a trail of teal and yellow electric goop wherever he goes, and can split into 64 dooplegangers to evade danger or surround his enemies.

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