Battleship X-Naut

One of the first uber airships created in the wars, this massive war ship was constructed from the plans given to the X-Nauts by Francis.

Capable of holding 150,000 troops, traveling at Warp Speed, teleporting troops to the surface beneath the Battleship X-Naut, Cloaking itself, firing Death Beams and Banzai Bills, this massive War Ship became the symbol of the X-Naut army.

In the Battle of the Stars, it was shown to hold the ability to transform into a giant robot, but this idea was never further explored, and thus is considered simply a joke and non-canon.

One of the most prevailing moments involving the Battleship X-Naut is during the Battle of the Stars, when after harvesting the Molten Nacho Cheese coming from the Moon's core after layze's satillite cannon destroyed one third of the Moon, it was poured onto Tubba Blubbachine's troops, jamming their mechanical parts and burning their remaining biological features.

It was used to destroy several of Booster's Airships during Booster's Invasion, and was where Grodus commanded his army from during the Final Battle of the Original Mushroom Kingdom Wars.

For the Final Battle, a much weaker Goop-version of the Battleship X-Naut was created by using the Magic Paintbrush, which was made for faking the X-Naut army's death, and destroying much of other armies' troops.

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