Battle Of The Stars

Probably the favorite battle thus far (Or maybe it's just my ego acting up), the Battle of the Stars was written by layze.

After Tubba Blubba made his whole army mechanical and moved to Star Haven, The X-Nauts and The Koopa Clan decided they wanted them out. Sir Grodus and everybody he had even remotely close ties with (even those he wasn't actually allied with, but not including Bowser) attacked from space via the Battleship X-naut, while Bowser attacked from Toad Town by creating a portal with the Star Rod. Tubba blubba was overwhelmed, and it seemed he was finally going to lose, but then the battle made a turn for the weird. Bow went into the Flight Deck of the BXN and somehow coaxed Beldam into blasting a control panel with ice, causing the massive ship's internal mechanisms to explode. Many troops from the attacking side escaped either through Bowser's portal or on the BXN's escape pods, but the remaining weren't so lucky. The BXN created a devastating explosion, which wiped out all of Tubba's remaining troops. It would've been the end of him, too, but he and his captains were ASDFing invincible because their ASDFing hearts were put in the ASDFing Glitz Pit behind a ASDFing invincible barrier, which could only be destroyed if you ASDFing killed Tubba Blubba which couldn't be ASDFing done unless you went through the barrier. This one instance of extreme godmod was probably the beginning of the end for the first wars.

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