Axem Silver

Axem Silver is the sixth Axem Ranger of the group, and is by far the most powerful. His main weapon is, of course, his axe. Silver is an original character made by Chaosblade.

Mushroom Kingdom Wars

He was the Hero of the Axem Rangers, but rarely got into a battle. The only battle he fought in was the Final Battle, where he defeated Grodus thanks to his superior speed and assistance from the Flower Brigade. However, he was killed by the Shadow King shortly after.

New Mushroom Kingdom Wars

He was going to be a Champion for Smithy's Gang. However, during the Quest for the Twilight Crystals, we restarted.

Mushroom Kingdom Wars Deluxe

He is the shopkeeper of Bowser's shop, and will soon be a Captain, replacing Bowser Jr. One way or another, he always appears in Chaosblade's Quests.

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