The artifacts were items of a group that when together did something, but also had power alone. People frequently make them.

The Twilight Crystals

Created by Chaosblade, they are crystals that turn into weapons. Each one turns into a different weapon, except the White Metamorther Crystal, it can change into all the other weapons.

White Metamorther Crystal

A weapon that can take the shape of the other weapons and can let user teleport small distances.It dosen't get the Second ability the weapons have.

Red Atomic Sword

A sword that can pierce strong metal and lets the user summon it at will.

Green Majestic Rod

Lets the user use advanced magic and the ability to recover from damage faster.

Black Gravity Lance

It can make an object lighter or heavier and Gives user the ability of flight.

Yellow Blitz Axe

An Axe that can create explosions on contact with an enemy unit and give the user the ability to create a small rift that sucks up a few normal troops.

Pink Shining Crossbow

a crossbow that uses holy arrows and give user a holy sheild that protects you and shines light to see in darkness,

Blue Chaosblade

A powerful blade that uses dark and light energy and stop time of a very short amount of time(about 5-10 seconds, can only use every 1 hour).

The Crystal Stars

Diamond Star

The Diamond Star causes tremors to shake the battlefield. It does alot of damage to walls and war-machines, but troops are only made dizzy. Was captured by The Flower Brigade in the original wars but after an unsuccessful attempt at theiving by Lord Crump, was used by the Flower Brigade to power a Satilite Laser, which destroyed a third of the Moon. The Diamond Star was drained, causing anyone who touched it to die a horrible death. Seeing it as useless, it was given to the X-Nauts, who asked Queen Jaydes to revive it in exchange for a Pure Soul to power up her troops, Magma, and Bone Chomps.

Emerald Star

The Emerald Star uses Clock Out and halts time in specific area. It usually affects 2,000 or so troops, or stops an Uber Warship in it's tracks. It belonged to the Bzzap!s, but was taken by the X-Nauts.

Gold Star

Uses Power Lift, causing all allies on the battlefield get to be boosted, and so deal more damage and take less. In the original war it was captured by Goomboss but later traded for the technology to make Mini-X's and Several Mini-X's

Ruby Star

The Ruby Star performs Art Attack, killing either many troops or little troops, depending on how spread out the troops are.

Sapphire Star

This star uses Sweet Feast, which instantly heals thousands of troops on the battlefield to full health, or it can heal a Hero to full health.

Cobalt Star

The Cobalt Star can destroy 2 weak war machines, or severly damage a strong war machine or Hero by using Showstopper.

Crystal Star

This creates a massive explosion by using Supernova, killing 3,000 to 5,000 troops or a few war machines.

Onyx Star

The Only Original Crystal Star thus far, the Onyx Star was the prison that held the Shadow King in the Second Wars. Its power, Shadow Cell, would create a tractor beam that capable of sucking in any target and trapping it inside. The captive would be completely immobile while inside the Star. This is the only Crystal Star that has been shown to be capable of breaking, as the only way to release captives is to break the Star in half.

The Pure Hearts

White Pure Heart

Pure Heart of Spirit and the Moon, it causes a powerful magical attack, hazardous to those that are magically or supernaturally based. It essentially forces them to be dispelled if they are being bound to this plane, or sends them back to where they came from. It reverts things to their true form.
Note: Moon is hard to work with, so this one is a little odd.

Yellow Pure Heart

Pure Heart of the Mind and of Air, it causes a tornado and a downdraft, causing you to barely be able to move correctly. Flying units in particular are affected by this.

Purple Pure Heart

Pure Heart of Science and Thunder, it causes a powerful electrical storm, messing with anything that requires electricity or would be affected by magnetic attacks.

Red Pure Heart

Pure Heart of Intuition and Fire, it causes vast amounts of fire to rain from the sky. Units riding animals typically are thrown off as they run away. This attack frightens animals in particular, and causes them to flee in terror.

Cyan Pure Heart

Pure Heart of Will and Ice, it causes a powerful snowstorm. Liquids freeze, the temperature drops greatly. The snow impedes the movement of all units. Non magical fire is impossible, or near impossible. Units on the ground have a hard time moving.

Blue Pure Heart

Pure Heart of Emotion and Water, it causes it to rain heavily. A monsoon essentially in terms of water, you can't move without getting wet. The water level rises rapidly, and aquatic units are thrown around often, making it particularly difficult for them to move.

Orange Pure Heart

Pure Heart of Essence and Forest, plants grow out of seeminly nothing. Vast forests spring up, and plants already alive grow quickly. The plants are given a semblance of life, and they are particularly aggressive towards non-living units, heading after them most of all.

Green Pure Heart

Pure Heart of Body and Earth, a powerful attraction occurs. Enemy units seem to clump together in large groups as stalagmites raise up from the ground. Heavier armored units typically are impeded by this the most.

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