Firenze's twin sister, and even more of an outcast. Born with webbed hands and feet and even gills, most other Yoshi kids avoided her like the plague. Knowing she wasn't wanted, she left one night to live in the sea, years before Firenze left, and she really didn't return. As she grew, she discovered the ability to actually control water and even talk to fish, a trait she knew the other Yoshies would hate her even more for. Nobody's really sure how she and Firenze can be twins, since Yoshies hatch from eggs, but then again, nobody really cares.

Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

She never did anything. At all.

New Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars

She joined up with Gooper Blooper in Toad town Harbor. Before we restarted, she was gonna move the aquatic section of my army to Atlantis. Srsly.

Super mushroom kingdom Wars Deluxe

She and Firenze are co-generals of the Yoshi Destroyers, since I didn't want either of them outranking the other. they'll soon be co-champions, too.

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